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Welcome to the official website of Life Church International

This website contains an insight into Life Church International, including who we are, what we are all about and access to contact details of our members. We are also making various ministry resources available for download. Feel free to browse though the website and read for yourself.

Life Church International is a family of Churches and Ministries. As an International family we seek to be relational in value, missional in heart, multinational in expression, international in focus, building for the next generational.

Life Church International is committed to developing and building on the values and ethos expressed in this website. We seek to express these values in our churches, ministries, relationships with one another and with the greater body of Christ.

Life Church International recognises no borders exist in relationships and seeks to build a family of churches that express this understanding. We seek to building structures to be inclusive of all members regardless of where they are located.

Life Church International understands that the relationship of the Godhead is family and as such everything that God does expresses this value. The church that Jesus is building therefore has the value of family as its foundation. We seek to build on this value by been family in our churches, ministries and in inter church relationships.

Life Church International believes the great commission is the responsibility and job description of the local church and therefore must be the focus of the local church. The core of this commission is making disciples of all ethnos and going to the entire world and sharing the gospel. We believes that the church expressed as a family is the best disciplining environment and as such seeks to fulfil the great commission by planting church wherever God leads us.

Life Church International believes there are no barriers in God’s kingdom. Everyone who is a follower of Jesus regardless of there gender, status age or ethnicity is equally values, equally accepted and has equal opportunity.

Life Church International as a family is focused on raising up the next generation. We are not building youth focused churches but churches that seek to integrate the next generation and make room for them to reach their full potential knowing that they are the leaders of tomorrow.


We are continually updating this website and intend to keep it up to date with the latest events, documents and contacts etc.


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